What is Usay Festival?

Usay Festival is an International Festival of new music. It is a chance for unsigned bands to perform at a reputable venue on the same stage as a well known band and gain some vital exposure as well as a chance to win some fantastic prizes......all for FREE!

How Does It Work?

1. It takes place at the main arena of the O2 Islington Academy. We have 20 unsigned bands/acts as well as a well known band perform on stage at an all day event.

2. After all bands/acts have performed the crowd vote on who they think is the best unsigned band/act.

3. The bands/acts that are placed first, second and third will win a cash prize as well as other prizes. First place will also be crowned Usay Festival Champion!

How Can You Apply?

1. You create a profile on our site which consists of a bit about you, details of your Facebook Page, Twitter, your website and links to your Youtube videos.

2. We use this to determine who should have an audition. We do it this way so we don't have any expensive overheads therefore allowing you to upload a profile for free. Also if you're not picked to perform at least you gain some great exposure with your profile appearing on our site.

3. We then audition those that we like and pick 20 to perform on the day.

Various music producers and music journalists will be invited to the event so it is a great chance for you to gain some incredible exposure.

Winning an event like this would be a massive boost to your reputation!

We work very hard at giving our bands/acts as much exposure as possible, if you Google Usay Festival you will see the number of sites bands that have already played for us appear on.

We also create posters (as below) which go up all around Islington and videos to promote each event, resulting in even more exposure for your band/act.

The best thing about all of this is it's completely FREE to apply and at the very least you get your details including your Twitter, Facebook and Website details on our site for people to view.

So what are you waiting for get applying now!

If you are an unsigned band/solo artist and would like to upload your profile to the site then please click here.